How We built an Email Tracking Solution for Our Sales Team

June 21, 2021
min read

We at Officexlr, tried many different email tracking solutions for our sales team to keep track of our prospects but none of them were able to integrate seamlessly with Gmail and we found ourselves now using two different application for one simple task.

No seamless integration with Gmail

Using another application to just see the status of tracked email resulted in the loss of productivity and also these solutions were not cheap.

Uncomfortable account permissions

Most of these available email tracking solutions need full READ, WRITE, MODIFY access of your Gmail account, which is quite too much to ask from a business and we were quite uncomfortable with that.

We decided to build our own email tracker!

So we decided to build an email tracking solution which will show thestatus of email right inside the inbox and will work almost automatically and will not need any Gmail account permission

And thus Doubletick was born!

Doubletick needs no Gmail account permissions and integrates seamlessly inside Gmail. Everything happens on the client side and no sensitive information is transferred back to our servers.

Features which we have included in Doubletick:

  1. Unlimited Email Tracking
  2. Real-Time Open Notifications
  3. Get double check marks in your sent box

Right now Doubletick is free for unlimited emails for unlimited time but contains Sent via Doubletickbranding in it. To remove this branding we offer a paid plan for $24 per year.

Download From Chrome Web Store or visit for more information.

We are really proud to have built an easy and insanely productive email tracking solution which helped our sales team and we wish it helps others too. Give Doubletick a shot and give us your valuable feedback!