Email Tracking for Recruiters

June 23, 2021
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Email is a very important medium of communication and management for the recruiter. They spend their maximum time in their inbox to connect and build relationships with talent as well as clients.

Emails are a great tool for getting in touch with your candidates, even in the times of other recruitment tools. When used effectively, The recruitment process typically involves going back and forth via email with applicants, so it’s important to know if the recipient candidate is opening and responding to your emails.

Email tracking is essential for recruiters to analyze if their email outreach campaigns are successful or not. Just as email marketing and sales teams track their open rates, recruiters can do the same with their mailbox.

What is Doubletick?

Doubletick is an Email Tracking for Gmail and GSuite, adds the double check marks ✓✓ to your mail if it is read by the recipient (Just like WhatsApp). You will also receive an immediate notification on who opened your email.

Other Email Tracking tools like usually require permissions for your complete Gmail mailbox access i.e. Read Emails, Delete Emails, or Create or Compose new Emails. Those Doubletick alternatives are not so Privacy-friendly, But At Doubletick we take your privacy very seriously, Doubletick can work with minimum permissions of your Gmail Account.

How does Doubletick Work? Is it Legal?

Doubletick places a pixel-image inside your email body, once the recipient opens it, you’ll be notified that your sent email is opened by your recipient.  

Email Trackings are a widely used and totally ethical practice, nothing is illegal in it.

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