5 Tips to write Cold-Emails that gets you a meeting as soon as opened

Kaviyakavi Baskaran
September 22, 2021
min read

Cold emails are a great way to land clients. You surely would've heard this for quite some time now. But are we doing it the right way? Well, that's the question.

So, I have put up this mini-guide to help you write a cold email that will surely get projects, meetings, or even a job for you. So, keep reading!

What is cold emailing?

Cold emailing is the process of sending an email asking for a favour or help or meetings to help you make a sale or land a gig. What if I tell you I joined DoubleClick as a Freelancer through a cold email? More on that in a minute.

How To Find The Right Person And Their Emails?

If you’re applying to a full-time job as a Social Media Marketer, then the Head of Marketing/CEO/HR is the right person to send a cold email to. Not the IT people! Whoever you want to send emails, then make sure to reach out to the relevant person.

You can find the correct email IDs on

  • LinkedIn
  • Their website
  • Company website

Or use email-finding tools like Hunter.io or Snov.io and track the proper email IDs that reach people and not bounce back!

5 Tips For Creating A Kick-ass Cold Email

1. Write A Clear Subject Line

People you’re targeting might get hundreds of cold/promotional emails, and you don’t want to be one of them! So, to get their attention, your subject line has to be unique, different, and open-worthy.

Here’s how you can make it open-worthy-

  • Use their first names in the subject lines
  • Keep the subject lines short, less than 40 characters
  • Ask a question

Read our blog on Subject lines to deep-dive into the psychology and the craft of writing a perfect subject line.

2. Write “Only” personalized emails

As you’re asking for a favour/job/or even a meeting, show them that you value their time and not sending bulk emails.

Some simple yet most overlooked points:

  • Spell their name right
  • Write a few lines about their achievements
  • Write the correct company’s name

3. Keep It Short, Superstar

No matter how much research you do about the person or the project you’d want to work on. Write no more than two paragraphs. Get straight to the point as soon as you can (just like this paragraph)

4. Add One Link/Attachment

An email filled with multiple different links to your portfolio, resume, artwork, hobby line, or your puppy’s Instagram page is not a good idea.

While cold-emailing, analyze and pick the relevant links or PDFs and put them in one Google Drive folder ad share that link. Or share a PDF.

The rule is to share one attachment. Only one!

Because adding too many links will make your emails too spammy, and you might not see them click it!

5. Let Your Signature Take Them To Your Socials

In 2021, we take social media so seriously! Content creation has become an integral part of our lives, and if you think your socials will help the recruiter make the right impression of you, then add them to your signature.

Bonus tip: Keep a profile picture! I get it if you just rolled your eyes. It’s another most ignored but yet most straightforward trick to tell the receiver that you’re a real person behind the email and not a bot!

So, why would you want to miss out on a simple chance of building trust?

If you’ve crafted an email and used the sure-to-succeed tips that we shared here, then click that send button now! You’ll get a reply, champ:)

But What Now?

Okay, now that you sent the personalized cold email, you can hot the couch and chill!

Haha, nope! That’s not what we want you to do. Follow up, instead.

Send a follow-up email at the right time

The perfect time to send a follow-up email is a few days after opening the first email you sent.

But how will you know if they have opened your email?

Here’s how:

1. Download Doubletick chrome extension and connect it with your Google account and start sending tracked emails.
2. Once you send your email, you’ll see a highlight tick mark. When they open your email, you’ll see the second tick (like WhatsApp)

Doubletick Email Tracking with Real-time Notifications

This is when you’ll know that your prospective person has opened the email.

Now, wait for 2-3 business days and send your follow-up email. These ways are sure to get you your dream job/client/meeting that you always wanted to have!

All right! Here’s the recap of the blog. Screenshot it and refer to this before you hit the send button next time.

  • Write a clear subject line
  • Write “only” personalized emails. If you’re sending one email to multiple clients, don’t send it.
  • Keep your emails short and follow-up emails shorter.
  • Add only one link/attachment. Don’t add too many links or your email might look a bit spammy.
  • Add your social media links to your signature.

If you follow these tips, you’ll surely hit the right chord and get a reply from the other end. One email can make or break your business/career. So, why would you let it break when you can see it shining like a star?